Sleep Apnea FAQs

Some Common Sleep Apnea Terms 

Supplementary Oxygen FAQs

Q. What kind of diseases creates a need for Home Oxygen?

Q. How do doctors determine if a patient needs home oxygen therapy?

Q. How long must patients use supplementary oxygen at home?

Q. Does oxygen help treat the disease?

Q. How does a patient know if they are receiving enough oxygen?

Q. Can I become addicted to supplementary oxygen?

Q. What are some noticeable changes one may see with the patients on supplementary oxygen?

Q. How will the doctor know when a patient doesn't need oxygen anymore?

Q. How is oxygen administered?

Q. What is an oxygen concentrator?

Q. How does it do that?

Q. What does the concentrator do with the gases it trapped?

Q. Does that leave the room with a less than normal amount of oxygen?

Q. Then other people in the room will still be breathing normal amounts of oxygen?

Q. Will oxygen from a concentrator offer the same benefits as a cylinder?

Q. If oxygen is taken from room air, what assurance would I have that the concentrated oxygen is clean?

Q. Are there any dangers in using a concentrator?

Q. Can a patient use a stove when receiving supplementary oxygen?

Q. Can I use electrical appliances (vacuum cleaner, etc.) when receiving oxygen?

Q. Will the flow setting change from what I am now using an oxygen cylinder?

Q. Will cylinder oxygen feel different to oxygen from a concentrator?

Q. Can I place the concentrator anywhere in my house/room?

Q. I don't like to sit in just one place while receiving oxygen. How can I move around the house using a concentrator?

Q. I've been on cylinders and I always had to schedule my life around delivery schedules. Is that also true with concentrators?

Q. How would I know if something happens and the concentrator is not working?

Q. What do I do if an alarm sounds?

Q. How difficult is a concentrator to operate?

Q. But what must the patient do to service the concentrator?

Q. How does a patient learn to properly use a concentrator?

Q. Who will pay for the electricity?

Q. Anything else I should know about concentrators?