Nasal Pillow

Nasal pillow masks are among the most popular mask choices for CPAP users because of their minimal design. Nasal pillows are the smallest of the CPAP masks and rest on the user's upper lip as it blows pressurised air through two soft nasal tubes that insert into the nostrils, and is secured by straps that go around the head.

The Benefits of using a Nasal Pillow

  • The lightweight and minimal design is ideal for patients suffering from claustrophobia or those that simply feel uncomfortable with too much material touching their face.
  • Optimal for wearers who like to read or watch TV before bedtime, as it offers a better field of vision than many of the other mask types.
  • Allows user to wear their glasses as there's no material covering the bridge of the nose.
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    The direct airflow into the nasal passages reduce air leakage.
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    Good for active sleepers who toss and turn a lot.
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    Works best for users who have a lot of facial hair that may cause leakage in other mask types.
albury vital air - nasal pillow mask

The Challenges of using a Nasal Pillow

  • Often not ideal for patients with higher-pressure needs, as the airflow is very direct and may cause discomfort at higher pressure settings.
  • Some users find the direct air pressure leads to higher incidences of nasal dryness, and in some cases, even nose bleeds.
  • Not ideal for mouth-breathers. If you're not accustomed to breathing through your nose, using a nasal pillow may feel unnatural or uncomfortable. (Although, if you're a mouth-breather and really want to wear a nasal pillow, try using it in conjunction with a chin-strap.)