Oxygen Concentrators

An oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that filters oxygen from the air. An oxygen concentrator delivers up to 95% pure oxygen. If oxygen is to be used for several hours a day & over a long period of time, it is the most economical way of supplying supplementary oxygen.

How An Oxygen Concentrator Works

Atmospheric air consists of 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 1% inert gases. A concentrator draws in atmospheric air, then by a physical process (not a chemical reaction) separates the nitrogen, which is then purged back into the atmosphere. A high concentration of oxygen (95%) is then delivered to the client via oxygen delivery tube and nasal cannula or mask.

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Devilbiss 525 Oxygen Concentrator
the new Devilbiss 525KS Oxygen Concentrator is smaller, quieter, and uses less energy.  The ..
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Phillips Respironics Everflow Oxygen Concentrator  - Refurbished (Ex Rental)
This machine has been refurbished/overhauled and tested to ensure that is operating within correc..
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